Thank you from Lou and Sue for all the cards and concerns for the sudden and tragic passing of his brother, due to an automobile accident.

Congratulations to Gina on being voted Volunteer of the Month at Bread for Life.

It is a joy for Fred and Linda having Keith, Tiffany, and Lennox here for a visit.

Blythe sends 1st birthday wishes to Claire and Ayla.


Prayers for Richard S. who is having his gallbladder out on Tuesday, Oct. 30th.

Prayers for Sue’s brother-in-law’s sister, Pat, who is having significant health issues. 

Prayers for a patient of Judy B.’s son on the passing of her husband, Charles.

Prayers for those who suffer from addiction and mental illness.

Prayers for Dave and Nancy P. Dave is home now and his mobility and memory are a bit shaky, so he can’t be left alone. Nancy will need some time to grocery shop, run errands, etc., so if anyone has a free hour or two to “Dave sit”, it would be very much appreciated. Please call Nancy to let her know if you can help out.

Prayers for this country and the people in it. The shootings, racism, etc. is weighing us down, and it seems to be unbearable. We need something uplifting because pictures of puppies and babies won’t cure it.