Please contact us if you are interested in having your child enroll. 

3 year-olds:  Tuesday/Thursday mornings   9-11:30am (toilet trained)

4 year-olds:  Mon/Wed/Fri mornings           9-11:30am
PCNS - serving our children's educational, emotional, and social needs, as we help them prepare for kindergarten!

Anne Graham – director
Debbie Boychuck – enrollment



Free play: helps with a child’s social and emotional development plus improves imagination
Singing: to promote better listening and language skills
Story time: To improve listening, comprehension and cognitive skills
Handwork: Works on fine motor and listening skills
Games: Children develop listening and gross (large) motor skills
Show-n-tell: Develops the self confidence to speak in front of other children in a fun, non-threatening way
Outdoor play: Develops better gross (large) motor skills
Snack time: Children enjoy social time and we teach better manners

Our program also includes:

walks, visits from people in our community, year-end bus field trip, parent sing-a-longs, celebrating holidays

Plus:  a final graduation for the 4-5 year olds and a final formal sing-a-long for our 3-year-olds class

Brief history about our school:

Plantsville Community Nursery School is non-denominational and is the oldest continually operational nursery school in the state with classes for 3-5 year olds. We have communicated with Southington kindergarten teachers to make sure our program meets the best needs of children to prepare them for their next big step into elementary school.

Opened in October 1955 by the mother’s club of Plantsville Congregational Church, the nursery school began with Mrs. Ruth Nelson, Mrs. Helen Macleod and Mrs. Otley Kania teaching 16 children in the 4 year old class and 17 children in the 3 year old class. Each year the teaching staff has provided children in Southington and surrounding towns with an educational experience that will prepare them for entering kindergarten.

Over the years the program has improved to provide the best up to date experience for each child in socialization, self-reliance, cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills and improving imagination while still caring for the basic needs of 3-5 year olds.

We are proud that in the 61 years we have been in operation, we have had only 29 teachers, reflecting a low turnover rate that has helped to keep consistency throughout our program.

PCNS Director: Anne Graham, 860-628-8878 or e-mail